Friendship.. about enjoying everything you do with a select group , Without prejudice :)

Saw this serial on TV - how i met your mother, and the last scene was this -

What is this feeling
That’s put you in your place?
A hot red burning on the side
Of your face.
You feel the blood rush to your cheek,
Tears start to fill your eyes.
Your lips are trembling but you can’t speak
You’re trying, oh you’re trying not to cry.
Ya just got slapped
Across the face my friend.
Ya just got slapped
Yes that really just happened.
everybody saw it, hah
And Everybody laughed and clapped.
it was awesome.
wait you just got slapped.

Reminded me of old days.
Yes that really just happened.
Everybody saw it, hah!
And everybody laughed and clapped!
it was awesome.
wait, you just got slapped..

Something Fresh !

May be I am biased about this fellow because he is Indian. May be because the setting is so Indian that I like reading his books. Or may be, because largely I read western authors books and he mixes western and Indian concepts so well, that I find I am in a home turf! There is no identity loss! We both know that we are 2 Indians in a globalised world! And last but not the least, He is so unlike other Indian authors who either write about the travesties of Indian middle/lower class for Booker Price, or write about their IIT/IIM /Post IIT/IIM days that I find it same old beaten path.
I picked up the new book by Samit Basu with a lot of anticipation, and I have just read 10 pages but Boy! I can tell you that I am not disappointed! :) I saw the poster about the new book in Crossword and finally after a week I bought the book from Landmark :)
To all you people, who always have complains about Pratchett and Wodehouse and understanding? Go pick up a Samit Basu book as your first ;)

The book I am reading is Turbulence! And is a Masala book with a western type style with home settings.

Rock Music : The taste might be genetic rather than acquired!

There is a new research underway.
As is known to everyone that more than 80% of rock lovers are 'head bangers' .. and the rest bang a lot more than heads. ;) oops.

yeah so coming back the the research in question, the research basically tries to study and understand the basic elements both in composition of rock music as well as their impact on humans (or chimps as they are so similar).
Rock music is typically characterized by heavy use of either or both of the two instruments - Guitar and Drums.
While guitar riff is known to generate an ailment called 'air guitaring' in the listeners, Drums lead to a nodding or jerking motion involving either or all of head, hands, legs, fingers etc.
An excess of either or both the elements in a mysterious combination, which is called a 'composition' whose success mantra is still a mystery and is of great interest in research, when such a composition is played in front of humans, humans who are rock fans that is, such humans are instantly sieged by an affliction known as 'head banging' where there eyes close and their head start jerking in nodding motion and on some extremes they tilt forward at 45 degree angle and their whole upper body swings up and down at neck breaking speed.
Yes neck breaking. And here is the basis for this research. It is known that neck and back bone are very sensitive and the base of neck is even more sensitive. Any jerks or displacement or injury in this area may lead to severe spine related ailments. It has been noted that its not healthy for normal humans to risk their necks and sever head banging may lead to spine related diseases.
The research in question tries to explore if your ROCK Music affinity is related to strength of your neck, and if , because your neck is strong and can endure 4 hours of head banging in a Sepultura concert, you are inherently more inclined to like Rock.


Back after ages! hmm almost a year I think! at a new place from a new system!

but with a quote I wrote today I thought I must save it somewhere.. is this how Gibran and Grucho Marx used to feel while thinking something amusing? LOL what wd they do? write on their chest like Ghazini !! LOL

ok so here is the quote -

"It aint black if background aint white to tell the black apart!"

there! I have said it all !!

Innocence: Virtue or a setback ?

What is a sort of person you would want to be associated with? Innocent or a sinner?
On the one hand you have a person who is free of guilt, some people might say it lack of experience or lack of mental capacity required to indulge in sin, and on the other hand you have a person who is a thorough sinner, a devil some might say or an experienced person to others.
Well, I find the world divided! Half this way and the other half that way.
The able, the ppl with protective spirit and all the righteousness in the world, favor innocence. Who would not like a company where you can be yourself, without fearing your openness will be used against you? Where you dont have to protect yourself from the wiles and cunningness of the person as the person is innocent!
ON the other hand there are ppl who eat, breath and wield power. Who want to be practical. Who dont want to carry any baggage as a baggage is a load. They value sinners. The experienced. A person you can trust to save your back, even at the risk of getting back stabbed as power is what one lives for. Some ppl will go as far as saying one can trust one's life to such an experienced person.

But that is a talk of an utopian world. The world we live in is neither black nor white.
Its Grey.
And I am a hero with a thousand faces.


Time 5 pm. Place - Okhla.

I walked out of office with my mobile in my hand, talking. I stop and take my bearing. Its a inner lane in okhla industrial estate, dusty and peppered with potholes, with heavy vehicles and lots of labour abound.

Just opposite the street, behind an LMV, some 6 ppl huddled around a sooty bonfire. I look side ways and this side of street I spot another bigger bonfire and some 10 ppl around it. Then another person came and added some plastic thing into it to make it more sooty. I see my watch - 5:02pm. My one hand is in my pocket and other is holding my nokia to my ear. That hand has started freezing. My dockers trouser which are thicker than usual, are finding it difficult to save my legs from getting cold. Leather office shoes are not enough it seems.

This is Delhi and it is 4th of Jan. One of the coldest day of this season and already some 10 train accidents in north India. Its gloomy and no sunshine for last 2 days.

Winters are grey, and this is grey winter.

My favourite Authors Series - 1 !


I was introduced to TP by dippyblogs way back in 2005. And then, reading Partchett has been like a journey where I always look forward to the next book. There has never been a instance where I am in a book store and pass the rack of books having TP without notice. And boy, what a journey it is?
I cant describe exactly in one sentence why I like Pratchett, but I can definitely say that it has always lifted my moods up! :)
Over the last four years, I have tried to convert some people to TP fans but sadly for them, I have never been successful. Recently, one of my office colleague, asked me nicely to give him a good book. Though he was asking either gyan books like that ferrari monk, or some starter novel like Sheldon. But as I was probably in my good moods, I told him I will loan him a Pratchett of mine ( which I rarely do ). I brought the "Wintersmith" to him the next day, and guess what? Got it returned after 2 days with a comment by the fellow that it was a headach and he can not finish it. I remember D telling me once that one can never force someone to like an author. Though I could not understand why some one will not like Pratchett then but I took the book back and kept mum.
Fortunately for me I am in my notice period here and was reading books in office. Today I started "Small Gods" by Pratchett. And it is surprisingly for me, a TP after more than 6 months! Refreshing! And I realize why some people will not like it. TP has this habbit of laying such a vast plot that it might be difficult for people to keep track of the book after only a few pages. And they will leave it unfinished.
But the real pleasure of a Pratchett is not in the plot, ironically they are quite simple (contrasting the earlier statement) , but in the minute details which are so essential a part of a Terry Pratchett novel.
I love Pratchett. And folks who want to read good stories, nail biting plot twists, sweating suspense - stay away from it.
But all you people who are not in search of anything so great but are just content with good writing, biting sarcasm, awesome humor, a mixture of folklore, science and fantasy, and light story plot - You are gonna Love it!

DevD : Devdas Diagnostics

Man is a complex congregation of chemicals. And all activities are chemical reactions. So in a nut shell, Being Human, is actually all about chemistry! ( Someone tell it to Salman Khan! )

In a layman's term, Even simplest of brain functions, like - not thinking but still breathing, or, just thinking that I am hungry, is a chemical reaction in brain where released chemicals make a chemical gradient, resulting in an electronic gradient, generating a electrochemical impulse which travels through the nerve to result in an action.

So that was the back ground of this post. Now lets focus on to today's topic. Emotions.
An Emotion is a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts and behavior. Their is a region (set of brain structures) in brain which support a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, long term memory, and olfaction, which is called lymbic system. An emotion is a pleasant or an unpleasant state organized in lymbic system.

Any stimuli, be it external or internal , causes certain brain parts to react. Now brain is nothing but a large lump of nerve cells. So any stimulus it receives, produces some spark somewhere and it reacts in the only way it knows, by releasing some chemicals which give rise to some electrochemical impulse and the body reacts.
When the concentration of certain chemicals in Lymbic system is disturbed, body is in an emotional state which gives rise to more chemical secretion and absorption which results in body behaving in one way or the other.
Now suppose , in a system, these chemical gradients start behaving in a non standard way? This is where the shit hits the fan and all sorts of things start happening. Because , as is already mentioned, Man being Man, will not be a proper man without exact concentration of all those chemicals which are required. The most dangerous aspect of this revelation is that suppose the said misbehavior of body physiology, if is not visually detected still there is something wrong which is not manifested in simple results like fever or pain. It starts manifesting in behavior. People become un naturally emotional. When one says that some one is emotional wreck,. it basically means that that person is chemically sick.
Some of the most famous personalities in history ( actual as well as fictitious ) , I believe were in truth, were them chemically sick individuals. especially those personalities who are famous not because of their ingenuity, but because of the deeds they did.
I mean, it is a much easier explanation of unrivaled valour of people like baba deep singh!
And also Devdas. A fictional character, but one as famous as Don Quixote ! ( I am assuming not as many Indians know Don Q as they know Devdas ). I am 100% sure now that Devdas had a strong hormonal imbalance or their was some chemical mis physiology. How else one can explain the complete nutty behavior of Devdas and DevD ? To say it was love is , well chemically it might be correct but the truth may be that there was TOO much love, as in the chemicals which influence that part of brain which facilitate the care, feeding, and grooming of offspring. Too much of their concentration would result in thinking too much about the person who invokes these feelings and then the person becomes mental as our poor DevD.
The interesting thing about this is , what would have happened if Devdas had gone under a battery of tests? would Sharat Chandra still had been able to write Devdas the novella ?

Recipe ! "Garam" Darjiling tea!

Ingredients -
1) Heating kettle
2) Drinking water
3) Darjeeling tea leaves
4) A good brandy
5) Honey

First , Brew the tea in kettle so that its not too strong but the Darjeeling tea aroma does justice to the name
Pour the tea in a mug , take a sniff to check the aroma, pour a table spoon brandy and a tea spoon honey, stir and serve.

:) quite good for up coming winters!